Payment Terms

These terms are applicable to all invoices

Please take a moment to read through are terms and conditions.

Please note our Terms are currently being updated.

Once work is completed we will send you an invoice to you through your chosen method i.e. phone, email, or paper provide a paper copy. (we are trying to be as green as possible, so encourage this to be digital were possible.)

When the invoice has been sent to you (the customer). The customer has 14 days from receipt to clear the full sum of the invoice. if the customer fails to do so they shall contact House Doctor in writing to arrange alternative payment, prior to the expiry of the 14 day period. failure to do so will result in a £50 admin charge. Failure to clear the full sum by the 14th day will also result in the full sum of the invoice being doubled and charged a £10 daily interest fee thereafter until the date of full payment.

If the customer has any issues or concerns with any work carried out this must be raised within the 14 days. If the customer withholds the payment without raising these concerns affording the issues to be rectified, then we refer back to paragraph one and all charges will be applicable. We do appreciate there maybe times where exeptional cercumstances are at play and we encourge you to approach us if you are strugling to make payment, to come up with a viable plan to make the repayments with you and as such; we reserve the right to charge or waiver these fees at our own discretion.