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Do You Charge By the Hour?

In short; Yes. However we do like to make sure all our customers get a good deal because, well, who doesn't like a deal?! Unfortunately, as with anything we do come up against the unknown at times so, as with any trade; we strongly suggest to all of our customers to get us round for a free quote or if you have any company for that matter... rather than hourly billing. At least then there's nasty surprise bills.

Do You Offer Private or commercial work?

We offer our services to everyone! if your a private landlord looking for someone to take the strain and do a few repair or even take on all of your properties needs... That's us!

If you just have a few bits or even a full re-ferb in the house you want to call home... that's us!

If you're looking for someone professional to take over maintenance of your shop, business or factory; Again... that's us!

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Because we want to keep the costs down, so we are able to keep giving our amazing customers the best deal. This depends on the work being carried out. Cash is always accepted and whilst we can offer other methods, we do advise to check with the team prior to work being completed.

Credit cards are not accepted. Apologies for any inconviniences. 

What if I am unhappy with the work that has been carried out?

Whilst we do absolutely everything in our power to make sure you as a customer are happy with our work before we leave. we do acknowledge that sometimes you can miss things under first inspection etc. life gets busy and we can all be in a mad rush around... so if you notice an issue after we've left please do get in touch and we will be back out to put it right or arrange a solution as fast as we can. 

But, what if I've been busy and didn't notice for a few days? - This still isn't an issue, get in touch and we'll try our best to help. 

please see T's & C's for more info.